Residential Cleaning Services in Denver

residential cleaning services in denverResidential Cleaning:

(includes, but not limited to)

  • Make beds, change linens if fresh linens are left on bed
  • Clean and Sanitize bathrooms
  • Wipe trashcans as needed and replace trashcan liners
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum throw rugs
  • Clean under edges of large carpets
  • Dust horizontal surfaces
  • Dust tops of doors, picture rail molding and tops of baseboards
  • Dust furniture
  • Light dusting of lamps and light fixtures
  • Clean under and behind furniture where possible without moving (chairs may be moved)
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Vacuum under/between cushions where needed
  • Clean light switches and door knobs
  • Clean mirrors
  • Empty trash and recycling

Note: We love pets! But for the safety of our staff, we won"t enter homes with aggressive dogs unless they are properly restrained (all sizes of dogs).

Optional Residential Deep Cleaning Services:

  • Wash and clean baseboards
  • Deodorizing treatments
  • Steam cleaning small surfaces
  • Spot clean walls
  • Clean window tracks
  • Move light to medium furniture to clean under and behind (under 50 lbs)
  • Wipe down furniture
  • Scrutinize and detail corners and areas behind and under furniture
  • Wash trash cans
  • Vacuum/dust/clean blinds
  • Wipe lamp bases
  • Vacuum/dust inside closets
  • Dust fans
  • Dust heat/ac vents

Colorado Residential Cleaning News:

Following Directions - Denver Cleaning Services Can Help

Following Directions - Denver Cleaning Services Can Help
Follow directions: It is imperative that you read the directions on your cleaning products. Most cleaning products are used for a specific cleaning target. The recommended dilution and use instructions have been tested for the specifications listed.

Take the time to read the directions before using ALL cleaning products. Some cleaning products can damage your surfaces in your home. 

Call Helping Hand if you come across a cleaning product you aren't sure about - rely on advice from the cleaning service Denver residents trust.