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Equipment Maintenance Advice for Denver House Cleaning

It is very important that you maintain your cleaning equipment. You must take the time to service and maintain all cleaning equipment.  Your brooms and mops must be sanitized frequently or you create a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes. All items must be properly cleaned and laundered after each use.

Contact Helping Hand, your go-to Denver housekeeping service, for more advice and learn more about proper equipment maintenance.

Following Directions - Denver Cleaning Services Can Help

Follow directions: It is imperative that you read the directions on your cleaning products. Most cleaning products are used for a specific cleaning target. The recommended dilution and use instructions have been tested for the specifications listed.

Take the time to read the directions before using ALL cleaning products. Some cleaning products can damage your surfaces in your home. 

Call Helping Hand if you come across a cleaning product you aren't sure about - rely on advice from the cleaning service Denver residents trust.